History of the Tenant Movement in NYC With RTCNYC

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Join us for this interactive training on the history of the tenant movement!

The RTCNYC Coalition, in partnership with ANHD, invite you to an interactive training on the history of the tenant movement in NYC! Thanks to the Global Action Project's Movement History Timeline Technology, the Coalition was able to create an online, interactive timeline of the NYC Tenant Movement. We also created curriculum to help you teach and facilitate a workshop or session on the history of the tenant movement. The goal of the training is to share lessons about the NYC Tenant Movement, as well as to equip you with tools to take this back to your communities and your work.

We hope the training will remind us there is a vast and powerful history that should be accessible to all of us, to honor those who came before us, to inspire us to act and to hold us accountable to our future which is as bright as we make it. 

The training will be in English, but the timeline and the curriculum are also available in Spanish. Additionally, we are planning on doing a Spanish training in the future. Coffee and breakfast will be provided. If cost is an issue, please reach out to Ericka Stallings via email at Ericka.S@anhd.org.