Understanding Insurance Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Nonprofit/Community Development

Depending on your mission, location, and services, your nonprofit's insurance program should take different forms — there is no one-size-fits-all solution for nonprofits seeking insurance! This workshop will present legal and practical issues confronting nonprofit groups when they seek insurance coverage and assert claims under their insurance policies. The panelists, whose practices entail representing policyholders on a variety of insurance claims, will discuss how to assess the scope of coverage that is appropriate for your organization. They will review basic differences among the types of insurance policies typically purchased by community-based organizations, such as property, general liability, cyber, and director and officer liability coverage. They also will cover steps that a nonprofit organization may take prior to and after submitting an insurance claim in order to maximize coverage under its policies.
Learning Objective: Participants will be better equipped to identify the types of insurance that should be considered when seeking coverage, understand common shortcomings and exclusions, and be better prepared to assert a claim for coverage.

For managers and directors of not-for-profit organizations.

Speakers: Bert Wells, Partner, Teresa Lewi, Associate, and Russell Squire, Associate, Covington & Burling LLP