Defending Against Res Ipsa

  • Family/DV

This CLE is designed for family court practitioners who represent parents and respondents in Article Ten res ipsa abuse proceedings. The training will provide an overview of the res ipsa doctrine, its development over time, and controversies identified in recent case law. This program will also focus on preparing a defense in a res ipsa case using a case example where a parent is accused of shaken baby or abusive head trauma. Practitioners will explore how to develop a medical defense to allegations of shaken baby and discuss the use of a Frye motion to challenge the state's traditional use of a pediatrician to prove their case.

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  • Lauren Elfant - Supervising Attorney/Clinical Instructor Cardozo Family Defense Clinic, The Bronx Defenders
  • Chris Gottlieb - Co-Director, NYU Family Defense Clinic
  • Emma S. Ketteringham - Managing Attorney, Family Defense Practice, The Bronx Defenders