Lawyers' Foreclosure Intervention Network - Training for New Volunteers

  • Foreclosure

The Lawyers' Foreclosure Intervention Network (LFIN) has been helping New York City residents facing foreclosure since 2008. The foreclosure crisis has not abated, nor have the challenges homeowners face in trying to keep their homes. While New York State's mandatory settlement conferences provide the opportunity to prevent the loss of homes through affordable loan modifications, it remains a struggle to get the financial institutions to engage in meaningful negotiations.

Participating lawyers will be trained to represent homeowners in the foreclosure settlement conferences and to apply for available loss mitigation options. What may appear simple is in fact a challenging practice area that requires determination, perseverance, and strong advocacy skills. This pro bono project needs volunteers who have, or seek to develop, such skills.

LFIN provides a great opportunity to help your community while you hone your advocacy skills.

CLE credit is available to those who provide pro bono representation.

To register email Alexandra Hyman at