Tribute to Justice: Creating Accountability for Human Rights Crimes and the Future of Universal Jurisdiction

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On the 40th Anniversary of the September 11th Coup D'Etat in Chile, justice champions who brought coup leader Augusto Pinochet to account for crimes against humanity, gather to discuss the legal doctrines their efforts brought into being, and the worldwide attention brought to the doctrine of Universal Jurisdiction.

  • Judge Baltazar Garzon, Spanish Judge whose arrest warrant led to Pinochet's detention in UK
  • Joan Garces, Spanish human rights attorney who paved path for Universal Jurisdiction
  • Sir Geoffrey Bindman, QC, British attorney whose efforts led to UK detaining Pinochet
  • Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch attorney active in efforts to detain Pinochet
  • Judge Juan Guzman Tapia, prosecuted Pinochet in Chile
  • Jennifer Harbury, human rights attorney, activist, author
  • Peter Weiss, CCR Vice President, attorney in Filartiga and Horman v. Kissinger
  • Peter Kornbluth, National Security Archive
  • Almudena Bernabeu, Center for Justice and Accountability
  • Welcoming Remarks by Cynthia Soohoo, Director,
  • CUNY Law International Women's Human Rights Clinic


  • CLE Credit Comments: * The afternoon educational forum of “Tribute to Justice” is a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program co-presented by CUNY School of Law. 2 CLE credits in Professional Practice will be granted to New York State attorneys who attend. Those seeking CLE credits must attend the entire presentations, as CLE regulations prohibit partial CLE credit. New York State attorneys wishing credit must register in advance on the link above, and pay $15 to CUNY School of Law for printed materials. The materials fee will be waived in the event of financial hardship. For information, e-mail
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