Pathways and Passports to Education: Telling the Narrative

  • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • By: New York Reentry Education Network, College and Community Fellowship's Theater for Social Change
  • Baruch Conference Center
  • Source: Reentry Net > Reentry Resource Center - New York

This event will feature a screening of the documentary film, Passport to the Future: Accessing Higher Education in an Era of Mass Incarceration followed by a live performance by College and Community Fellowship's Theater for Social Change.

The documentary, by Benay Rubenstein and filmmaker Jeremy Robins, captures the personal experiences of people with criminal history records in enrolling in and attending college. The interviews provide compelling evidence of how a college education is a life transforming experience for formerly incarcerated people. The Center for Community Alternatives will be on hand to discuss their research showing that over 60% colleges and universities across the nation now have a "box" on their admissions application asking applicants about their criminal history backgrounds.

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