Solitary Confinement: Perspectives From Inside and Out

  • 5:45 PM - 7:45 PM
  • By: Federal Bar Council
  • Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse, Room 850, 8th Floor
  • Source: Reentry Net > Reentry Resource Center - New York

The Federal Bar Council is hosting a panel discussion to explore issues relating to the use of solitary confinement. Panelists will include the President of the Southern Center for Human Rights Steven Bright, a seasoned practitioner familiar with the landscape of past and present legal challenges to solitary confinement; Stuart Grassian, a psychiatrist with expertise in the clinical impact of solitary confinement on inmates and who has published on the effects of solitary confinement; Anthony Graves, an exoneree who spent 16 years serving a sentence under lockdown conditions; and Dora Schriro, the Commissioner of the New York Department of Corrections, who has also headed other state and city correction systems. The discussion will include an overview of how state and federal institutions presently use solitary confinement; the costs (on both the individual and societal level) of over using solitary confinement; viable legal challenges to lockdown conditions of confinement; and current trends in reform efforts.

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