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Judicial Branch Limited English Proficiency Advisory Committee--Maine

Monday, August 20, 2012

Type: Standing Committee
Established: August 7, 2012
Chair: Hanna Sanders, Esq., Judicial Branch Access to Justice Coordinator
Report Date: Annually (on September 1st)
Reports to: Chiefs & Supreme Judicial Court


Maine has become increasingly diverse, and the Maine court system continues to respond to the needs of a more diverse community. In addition, the court system continues to respond to the needs of Maine's deaf and hard of hearing community. Assuring language and hearing access to justice requires planning and a consistent commitment to quality services in court proceedings.

Supported and encouraged by the work of the Justice Action Group, a Task Force was created by the Supreme Judicial Court in June 2005 to develop a Limited English Proficiency Program Plan that addressed a number of issues involving court practices for obtaining and using interpreter services, training of interpreters, court staff, and attorneys, and translation of key court documents.

The Task Force completed its work with the adoption of Judicial Branch policies and Administrative Orders related to language and hearing access, and the individual members of the Task Force continued to work on various LEP projects including the on-going recruitment and training of interpreters, and the training of court staff and personnel on issues of cultural competency.


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