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Vantage settles NY AG lawsuit for $1 million / Includes Language Services for LEP Tenants

Friday, February 12, 2010

In the lawsuit Cuomo accused the company, which owns 35 buildings in Northern Manhattan and 125 city-wide, of falsely claiming that rent-stabilized and rent-controlled tenants had not paid their rent, or were not legal residents at their address. Vantage would then initiate legal proceedings to evict the tenants, many of whom have occupied their homes for decades.

In the settlement Vantage must put aside $1 million – $750,000 for damages to tenants harmed by the company, and $250,000 to fund groups that advocate on tenants behalf. Vantage will have to adopt new policies for initiating legal action against tenants, and will have its contact with tenants scrutinized by an auditor for the next three years.

Hire an independent monitor to conduct a review of all tenant harassment complaints to ensure that all new claims are being addressed properly and tenants are compensated for any harm, provide translation services to limited English proficiency tenants regarding questions on landlord-tenant issues

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