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CA: Mulit-Lingual Patient's Discharge Guide / Video

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"You Have a Right to a Safe Discharge" is a handy brochure now available in English, Spanish, and Chinese from the California Discharge Planning Collaborative. California patients and their caregivers concerned about their transition from a hospital or other medical facilities to their home can obtain free advice at 877-223-6107.

The brochure states that in California, you have the right to

* A safe and planned discharge
* Have all material presented in your language
* Know of all the services you are entitled to
* Understand what medications you are taking
* A refill of your hospital prescription
* Refuse to leave if you do not feel well enough.

For a PDF of the brochure in an available language, contact Planning for Elders at 415-703-0188, or e-mail James Chionsini, 


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