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House Health Care Bill: Language Access Provisions

Friday, July 17, 2009

House Health Care Bill- Relevant Language Access Sections

Sec. 241. (p. 130 )- Availability Through health Insurance Exchange (See )

Sec. 1151 (p.280) – Reducing Potentially Preventable Hospital Readmissions
$ can be used to pay for hiring translators and interpreters. (See )

Sec. 1221 (p.401) – Study for how Medicare could pay for language services (See )

Sec. 1222 (p. 405) – 3 year demo on paying for language services in Medicare (See  )

Sec. 1223 (p. 415) – IOM Study on Impact of Language Services (See

Sec. 1723 (p. 783) – Extending CHIPRA enhanced match to all of Medicaid Recipients (See

Complete Text of Bill,

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