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IRS: Basic Tax Responsibilities CD/DVD (Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese and Korean) Order Below

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

We have an exciting new product for our Limited English proficient (LEP) community. The Multilingual Initiative(MLI) ( in partnership with the Taxpayer Advocate Service developed a basic tax responsibility DVD for these taxpayers. The DVD is available in the five most recurrent languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Chinese and Korean) for the Limited English Proficient (LEP) population.

Background Information
The growing number of people migrating to this country has prompted the need for federal agencies and federally funded programs to focus on the needs of the LEP population. Information in this product is based on feedback from our customers. The DVD highlights the roles and responsibilities of a new filer, the benefits of paying taxes, and the consequences of non-compliance.

Highlights, Benefits of Paying Taxes
The DVD highlights
• The roles and responsibilities of new filer
• The benefits of paying taxes and;
• The consequences of non-compliance
It showcases the different channels a taxpayer can use to get assistance:
• Taxpayer assistance Center
• Low Income Tax Clinic
•ñol and;
• Tax preparer
The viewer can set subtitles to either English or the language the DVD is narrated and produced in.

Ordering DVDs
To order the DVD, Basic Tax Responsibility or Publication 4580, simply call the National Distribution Center at 1.800.829.3676 and follow the prompts. When asked for a selection, you may choose a language from the list below. Each catalog number shown is associated with the specific language found on the DVD, and you will need that information when ordering.
• Spanish..................49638A
• Chinese..................20196X
• Vietnamese.............49645P
• Korean....................20197I (this is an I)
• Russian..................52953W (new product)

How Can You Help?
We need your help to ensure the information gets in the hands of our LEP customer and stakeholders. Please provide this information to the managers within your organization. Contact Digna Davila at 787.622.7924 for more information.

IRS MLI Structure and LEP Programs,

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