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IBM n.fluent and crowdsourcing for translation tool

  • Organization: IBM
  • Author: Noam Cohen
  • Document Type: Article/News
  • Date Created: Monday, November 23, 2009
  • Submitted: Monday, November 23, 2009
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from article:

At I.B.M., a team of nearly 100, including mathematicians and software developers, is working on a project to create an automatic translation tool, so-called machine translation, that has the speed and accuracy to be used in instant-messaging between speakers of two different languages.

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The project, called n.Fluent, is intended to teach the computer terminology that is specific to I.B.M.'s businesses, and, more significantly, allow the computer to learn what it has been doing wrong. To that end, the company is extracting and organizing contributions from I.B.M.'s 400,000-member work force spread across more than 170 countries, adding a human touch to the project.

Over a two-week period last month, the company issued a "worldwide translation challenge" to its employees, using a points-based system to award the biggest contributors prizes that were converted to charitable donations. About 6,000 I.B.M. employees made improvements in 11 languages to more than two million words of text translated by n.Fluent.

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