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Landlords from Schenectady, Elsewhere in State, Fret Over Strengthened Tenants Rights (NY)

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Landlords from Schenectady, Elsewhere in State, Fret Over Strengthened Tenants Rights

"SCHENECTADY — Big changes are dramatically reshaping the rental industry.

A series of new provisions that went into effect in June have reshaped eviction rules statewide, and several components being phased in next week will give tenants more time before they can be evicted.

Among the biggest changes:

  • Tenants facing eviction now have 14 days to vacate instead of 72 hours.
  • Landlords must give written notice for eviction proceedings.
  • Eviction proceedings can be stopped once the tenant pays the full amount of past-due rent.
  • Criminal background and credit check fees are now limited to $20.
  • Either party now can now request eviction trials to be adjourned for two weeks.
  • Landlords are prohibited from using a tenant’s previous evictions or landlord-tenant disputes against them.
  • Court records relating to evictions from foreclosed properties are now sealed.
  • Landlords must provide at least 30 days eviction notice to tenants who have occupied units for one year; 60 days for two years, and 90 days for three years.
  • Landlords can be charged with a misdemeanor for unlawful evictions.
  • Landlords are now barred from blacklisting tenants based on their past rental history.

While tenant advocates say the reforms bring much-needed sense of parity to court proceedings, landlords contend they’re being squeezed on both sides of the rental process, making it more difficult to screen for troublesome tenants and harder to dislodge them.


Chris Morris, director of Schenectady Landlords Influencing Change (SLIC), said while the group is continuing to sift through the provisions, many strike them as deeply problematic..."

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