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Legal Aid of Wyoming Gives Assistance at VA for Veterans (WY)

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Legal Aid of Wyoming Gives Assistance at VA for Veterans

"Thursday the thirteenth of June saw the arrival of Legal Aide of Wyoming at the Cheyenne VA Hospital for Veterans Law Night. Attorney and Executive Director of Legal Aide Ray Macchia and Co-Chairman of the Veterans Committee Lou Lopez were on hand with food and beverages to help out veterans with a myriad of issues ranging from housing and homelessness to disability rights, wills, and family law.

The sad truth for most veterans is that they find themselves in somewhat of a legal middle ground. They have needs for the same sort of legal help that most others do; however, they often find that because of benefits, pensions, or other payouts as a result of their service they make too much money to qualify for Legal Aide. On the flip side, these payouts often result in barely enough money to live on, and as such they cannot afford a private attorney. Macchia and his team were on hand to help with just these issues.

For one night only, veterans were able to come in and get the help they needed without the out of pocket cost that would normally be more than they could afford. One thing that Macchia made sure to point out was that veterans could call the hotline at anytime and that Legal Aide would help any veteran any time, anywhere in Wyoming, and that when a vet calls the hotline they go right to the top of the list..."

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