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Significant Return on Investment Through Civil Legal Aid (IN)

Monday, April 15, 2019

Significant Return on Investment Through Civil Legal Aid

"(INDIANAPOLIS) - The necessity and importance of providing civil legal aid are clear from two studies released by Indiana's Coalition for Court Access. Both studies, available at, provide insight for policymakers regarding allocating civil legal aid resources and the return on investment for the State of Indiana when civil legal needs are met for low-income Hoosiers.

The Indiana Civil Legal Needs Study, the Economic Impact and Social Value Return on Investment Analysis for 2017, and data on pro bono contributions by Indiana lawyers all provide key information on civil legal aid:

  • For every $1 invested in Indiana's civil legal aid services, there is $6.70 in immediate and long-term consequential financial benefits
  • 8,445 attorneys contributed time and/or money to pro bono efforts (CY 2017)
  • There are only about 100 full-time attorneys providing civil legal aid in Indiana
  • Of the total eligible civil legal problems presented to Indiana's civil legal aid providers, more than half will not be fully served because of insufficient resources..."

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