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Hispanic Federation Launches Million-Dollar Initiative to Promote Community Development (Puerto Rico)

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Hispanic Federation Launches Million-Dollar Initiative to Promote Community Development

"With an initial investment of $ 3.17 million, the Hispanic Federation announced today, Tuesday, an initiative to promote community development in Puerto Rico following the passage of hurricane Maria in 2017 under the axes of reconstruction, collective bargaining and community legal work.

"Twenty-three non-profit organizations will receive the funds to carry out repairs to homes affected by María and perform advocacy work to defend the right to housing on the island.

In total, the Hispanic Federation expects to impact 20 communities with legal aid efforts and rebuild about 150 homes in ten communities.

"Community-based non-profit organizations have been fighting, accompanying communities all this time," said Charlotte Gossett Navarro, senior director of operations in Puerto Rico at Hispanic Federation. "What happens is that they have not received the necessary resources to carry out the negotiations and really have the tools to defend the communities as they deserve."

Specifically, more than $ 2 million will be distributed among ten non-profit entities, which will receive $ 220,000 each, for the repair of homes. Each organization must comply with at least 15 reconstruction works.

Some of the organizations benefited will be G8, PECES, Ponce Neighborhood Housing Services, Coalition of Public Housing Residents and Ricky Martin Foundation.

Meanwhile, some $ 600,000 were committed to strengthening advocacy initiatives in partnership with Ayuda Legal Puerto Rico. This work will be carried out through educational campaigns and workshops, among other projects.

Another $ 250,000 went to the Access to Justice Fund Foundation to offer legal work, which will focus on communities that have faced problems receiving aid and services from federal agencies after María.

Other ten non-profit organizations with legal basis will also participate..."

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