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Legal Aid Society Raises Money to Cover Cost of Immigration Applications

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Legal Aid Society Raises Money To Cover Cost of Immigration Applications

"A new campaign seeks to help immigrants cover the cost of applications for green cards, work permits and other paperwork.

The Legal Aid Society, which organized the GoFundMe fund-raiser, said immigration-related applications average around $750 per person.

Legal Aid started the effort in response to United States Citizenship and Immigration Service’s recent denials of fee waiver requests from poor immigrants, including those fleeing domestic violence.

“These application fees come at an enormous price, which for many of our clients is simply insurmountable,” said Hasan Shafiqullah, who heads Legal Aid’s Immigration Law Unit. “The hurdles are even more daunting now that USCIS has begun to indiscriminately reject fee waiver requests, putting many of our clients at immediate risk.”.."

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