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Clark County Court Uses New Technology From Tyler to Resolve Disputes Online (TX)

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Clark County Court Uses New Technology From Tyler to Resolve Disputes Online

"PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tyler Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: TYL) announced that the 8th Judicial District Court of Clark County, Nevada, has gone live with Tyler’s Modria® online dispute resolution (ODR) solution. The implementation of Modria adds a new tool for access to efficient and timely justice in divorce cases for Clark County citizens. This convenient new service means residents can attempt to resolve differences online, avoiding delays in scheduling, driving to and from court, time off from work, and making it easier for residents to interact with the court.

The 8th Judicial District Court Family Mediation Center handled 3,900 referrals for divorce mediation in 2017. Generally, mediation for divorce cases involving children is mandatory, requires the development of a parenting plan, may involve many trips to the courthouse, coordinating schedules between parties, and a significant involvement of staff resources. Tyler’s Modria ODR solution provides a new option for citizens and courts to help complete these requirements.

Today, citizens expect to interact with government the way they interact with many businesses, which is online. The cloud-based Modria solution is designed to empower the parties involved to reduce time to final decree by allowing parties to start the mediation process immediately and come to a resolution quickly..."

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