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Legal Aid Warns of Scam (HI)

Monday, March 19, 2018

Legal Aid Warns of Scam 

"The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii is warning the public and especially seniors about recent telephone solicitations asking for money from people claiming to be part of the Legal Aid Society, Office of the Public Defender, or state courthouse.

As these type of calls have increased in the past year, the Federal Trade Commission asks the public to file a complaint on its website,

In most recent cases targeting seniors, people are told that a case is pending involving a friend or family member and that a monetary payment is required to pursue the case or free the person from jail.

The caller will often leave a case number and call back information. Previously, callers were claiming to be collecting donations on behalf of a national Legal Aid or Public Defender office. The caller will then try to collect credit card information over the phone or ask that money be sent directly..."

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