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Use These Apps to Get Immediate Help for the Homeless

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Use These Apps to Get Immediate Help for the Homeless

"“Apps for homeless people” might sound a bit weird. But cheap smartphones, outreach programs, and youth homelessness mean that many people have a phone but no home. (As of 2011, almost two thirds of homeless youth owned a cell phone.) And in several cities, they can use mobile apps to find food, shelter, and other resources.

These apps are also useful to anyone who ever comes in contact with homeless people and wants to do more to help. As Fast Company’s Adele Peters points out, calling the police is an extremely risky response—she lists several recent police shootings of homeless men. Instead call a civilian service like 311, or load up one of these apps.

The OurCalling app lists services like addiction recovery, food resources, shelters, and more, anywhere in the country. The app is associated with a Christian ministry in Dallas, so it will also feature that ministry’s local services..."

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