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The Public Participatory Defense Initiative

Friday, December 15, 2017

The Public Participatory Defense Initiative


"On Thursday, November 30th 2017, signs outside of the Bonnell Building indicated some type of event being held in CCP’s auditorium. Walking along the main lobby, people from many cultural divides, were gathering for the purpose of networking with various resources in Philadelphia. Lawyers, grassroots volunteers ,ministers, as well as ex-convicts, were all in attendance.

Participatory defense was developed by a family in San Jose, California. Their ultimate goal was to provide services to help communities organize an effective support system for people who are defendants in criminal cases, their families, and communities. The program was mainly to prove how we as a people, can and do impact the outcome in the decision making of powers in the court system. The defense system that Participatory Defense services has helped several families restore the function, and joy to those who once lost hope in ever seeing justice. With the development of The Participatory Defense, there has been many success stories. One example came from a guest speaker, who found himself a defendant in a murder trial in which he was identified, because he was Hispanic and “looked like the guy”, according to a witness..."


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