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Judge Orders Total Lead Paint Clean-Up (CT)

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Judge Orders Total Lead Paint Clean-Up


"After two days of testimony, a trial about the city’s response to a lead poisoning was cut short when both parties worked out a deal to fix up the property —  leaving unanswered questions about the maintenance of lead paint city-wide.

The deal was worked out all day Wednesday. Superior Court Judge Shiela Ozalis made it a legally binding order on Wednesday evening.

Discussions between the city’s corporate counsel, legal aid lawyers and an attorney for the landlord took place in the courtroom, in the judge’s chambers and in the hallways at state courthouse at 235 Church St. Once they exploded into a shouting match, audible to reporters, about the city’s continuing responsibilities to the first-floor tenants. The negotiations went right up to the hour when the courthouse is locked up —  when one lawyer phoned a secretary with edits while another lawyer ran back to the office to grab printouts for Judge Ozalis to sign..."


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