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Lawsuit against Mississippi anti-LGBT law reaches Supreme Court

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lawsuit against Mississippi anti-LGBT law reaches Supreme Court


"On the same day a Mississippi “religious freedom” law enabling anti-LGBT discrimination went into effect, an LGBT legal team litigating against the statute petitioned the Supreme Court to review the decision throwing out their challenge to the law.

In a 43-page filing, the legal team in case of Barber v. Bryant urges the Supreme Court to reverse the U.S. U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that determined plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the anti-LGBT on the basis of either the Establishment or the Equal Protections Clauses.
“The court’s decision is wrong on the merits; it conflicts with the decision of other courts of appeals; and it has staggering implications,” the petition says. “Under the court’s reasoning, a state could enact a statute establishing Christianity — or any other religion — as the official religion of the state, and no plaintiff would have standing to challenge that statute.”
Representing plaintiffs in the case — LGBT people, Mississippi ministers and the Joshua Generation Metropolitan Community Church — are Lambda Legal, Mississippi civil rights attorney Rob McDuff and the Mississippi Center for Justice..."

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