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How to best fit pro bono into your law practice

Saturday, July 01, 2017

How to best fit pro bono into your law practice


"With the Trump administration proposal to eliminate funding for the Legal Services Corporation, pro bono work will be in even higher demand.  That will make it all the more important for lawyers to choose the right pro bono project, manage it well and communicate efficiently with clients.

Henry Earl Turner and Julie Laeace offer ways to do that in the webinar “Incorporating Good into Your Law Practice: A Guide to Taking on Pro Bono,” sponsored by the Center for Professional Development and the Law Practice Division.

“It’s a tough fiscal climate right now facing states, and state funds for social service agencies or legal aid agencies are drying up,” says Turner, a partner at Valorem Law Group in Chicago. He and Laeace, pro bono counsel and firm-wide director at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Chicago, champion pro bono cases as a way to help low- and moderate-income Americans navigate the legal system and receive access to justice at a time when 43 million Americans are living in poverty."

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