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NCBA initiates "4ALL" Campaign

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Janet Ward Black, the recently installed president of the NC Bar Association, will champion the cause of providing civil legal services to the poor. Black has established the NCBA's "4ALL" campaign as the template for this endeavor, through which expanded funding for Legal Aid of North Carolina will be the focal point. The effort comes equipped with a separate component on the NCBA Web site, (to be installed later), through which four specific target areas - (1) Educate, (2) Legislate, (3) Donate, and (4) Participate - will be addressed. "We have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves," Black said in regard to the 4ALL initiative. "Justice for all is a founding principle of our democracy." The 4ALL initiative includes the establishment of the LANC Fund within the NCBA Foundation Endowment and an expansive statewide community service day which has been scheduled, appropriately enough, for April 4 (4/4), 2008...."
[Click here to view Black's 06/23/07 Installation Speech, including reference to her "4ALL Campaign.]