The Intersection of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (Audio)

The Intersection of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

"Is ethical artificial intelligence even possible? In response to growing concerns about issues with transparency, privacy, and AI bias, the American Bar Association passed Resolution 112 on August 12, 2019, which urged courts and lawyers to address the emerging ethical and legal issues related to the use of AI in the practice of law. Digital Detectives hosts John Simek and Sharon Nelson talk with Michael Mills about the landscape of AI in the legal space and what is being done to ensure the ethical and accountable use of AI technologies in the profession.

Michael Mills is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Neota Logic, Inc.

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Digital Detectives

The Intersection of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence



Intro: Welcome to Digital Detectives, reports from the battlefront. We will discuss computer forensics, electronic discovery and information security issues and what’s really happening in the trenches; not theory, but practical information that you can use in your law practice, right here on the Legal Talk Network.


Sharon D. Nelson: Welcome to the 111th edition of digital detectives. We’re glad to have you with us. I’m Sharon Nelson, President of Sensei Enterprises, a digital forensics cyber security and information technology firm in Fairfax Virginia.

John W. Simek: And I’m John Simek, Vice-President of Sensei Enterprises. Today on Digital Detectives our topic is The Intersection of Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.

Sharon D. Nelson: Before we get started, I’d like to thank our sponsor. Thanks to our sponsor Logikcull, instant discovery software for modern legal teams. Logikcull offers perfectly predictable pricing at just $250 per matter per month. Create your free account at any time at, that’s

John W. Simek: Today our guest is Michael Mills, the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Neota Logic. Before that, he was the Innovation and Technology Leader at Davis Polk and a partner at Mayer Brown. Mr. Mills writes and speaks often on artificial intelligence and other technologies and strategies to improve the delivery of legal services. He’s the Director of Pro Bono Net and President-Elect of the College of Law Practice Management.

It’s great to have you with us today Michael.

Michael Mills: Thank you Sharon. Thank you John. I’m delighted to join you for this conversation.

Sharon D. Nelson: Well Michael, why don’t we begin with you telling us a little bit about your company Neota Logic and how it uses artificial intelligence?

Michael Mills: Sure. And Neota Logic is one of the pioneers in AI in the law. My partners and I, all of whom are lawyers, thought that the technologies of AI could help improve the practice of law both for private practice and in the public domain. We build a platform a no-code development platform that allows people to build applications that use AI, both traditional, symbolic or logical AI, rules-based AI and machine learning by incorporation of other tools. We are working mostly with law firms and corporate legal departments. Although, there’s nothing legal specific about our software..."

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