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Are you looking for a lawyer? The North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center is a lawyer-to-lawyer network and does not provide referral information directly for people looking to find a lawyer. If you need to find a lawyer, please visit

Are you a private practitioner looking to volunteer? Find a pro bono program in your area through the Pro Bono Opportunities Guide.  Once you have started volunteering, sign up for the Advocate Resource Center which will give you access to materials related to one or more practice areas. Within a day of submitting your information,  you will get a password and can start using the materials in your pro bono practice.

Are you a law firm? There are a number of ways law firms can support legal aid.  Firms can:

  • Encourage attorneys to sign up to volunteer.  Pro bono programs across the state are actively looking for new volunteers.  All volunteers have access to the Advocate Resource Center.
  • Provide financial support to fight to reduce homelessness, protect families from violence, abate consumer scams, and secure basic needs for children in North Carolina. If you are interested in making a contribution, you can donate to a legal aid program online.

Are you a legal aid provider? There are a number of ways legal aid organizations can partner with the NC Pro Bono Resource Center. Legal aid programs can:

  • Recruit pro bono volunteers by listing your program in the Pro Bono Opportunities Guide.  You can contact us to be added.
  • Share information about your work, upcoming events, news of interest, and how we can help you increase pro bono participation.  Contact us for more information.
  • Encourage staff and pro bono volunteers to join the Advocate Resource Center to share their expertise and learn about other practice areas.

Are you a law school clinic or law student? The NC Pro Bono Resource Center and its partners collaborate with law schools in many ways and welcome the involvement of law clinics and students in our work. If you are interested in working together, contact us.


Please note that this website is not intended to serve people  seeking legal assistance.

Please visit for information on legal aid.

Looking for Representation?

If you are a member of the public in need of a lawyer to represent you, please visit for information on legal aid.

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