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Pro Bono Net Staff to Present at Equal Justice Conference

NEW YORK (May 11, 2009) –Pro Bono Net staff will be presenting at multiple sessions at this year’s Equal Justice Conference May 14-16, discussing topics including the role of technology in disaster recovery, foreclosure relief and expanding access to courts.  Pro Bono Net will also host a networking box lunch on May 14, and will have a booth in the exhibitor area.

The Equal Justice Conference brings together all components of the legal community to discuss equal justice issues as they relate to the delivery of legal services to the poor.  Pro Bono Net, a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to justice, is a longtime participant.  The conference this year focuses on strengthening partnerships among the key players in the civil justice system, an area where Pro Bono Net has been active throughout its 10-year history.  Pro Bono Net uses technology to increase collaboration among legal aid organizations and pro bono attorneys, and to enable those in need to access legal aid referrals and information.

Specific panels in which Pro Bono Net staff will take part are listed below.  For more information, see
Thursday, May 14th     
Making Recovery from Disasters Easier Through Technology, 9:45am-11:15am
Matthew Burnett will be on a panel discussing how technology is increasingly being used to help address the vast legal needs in the aftermath of disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

Friday, May 15th
The Future Is Here Now: What Emerging Technologies Can Do For Your Mission, 8:45am-10:15am
Matthew Burnett and Liz Keith will be among those offering real-world examples of how emerging technologies can facilitate service delivery.
NTAP's 50 New Tech Tips To Survive Hard Economic Times, 10:30am-noon
Matthew Burnett and others will offer free or low-cost tips that help programs broaden their impact and work more efficiently.

Implicit Bias and Cultural Competency in Legal Services, 10:30am-noon
Claudia Johnson will participate in a panel discussing implicit bias and laying out concrete steps to provide culturally competent legal services.

Getting to Uniform Court Forms, 2pm-3:30pm 
Claudia Johnson and others will describe, from start to finish, how to achieve uniform court forms and how these can then be used to assist self-represented litigants.

Creative Uses of Technology In Addressing The Foreclosure Crisis, 2pm-3:30pm 
Liz Keith will participate in a panel exploring specific examples of how legal aid programs have integrated technology in foreclosure litigation and outreach projects.

Technology-Enabled Self Help Centers, 3:45pm-5:15pm
Claudia Johnson and Liz Keith will join in presenting actual cases of self help centers that are using document assembly, hotlines, LiveHelp and other online technology to assist users that do not have attorneys.

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