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National Employment Law Project and Pro Bono Net Launch New Site Supporting Workers Rights

National Online Clearinghouse Provides Resources for Advocates
NEW YORK (April 10, 2008) – To help worker rights advocates combat the growing problem of “wage theft,” the National Employment Law Project (NELP), in partnership with Pro Bono Net, has launched a new National Wage and Hour Clearinghouse at www.just-pay.org.

The Clearinghouse is designed to support the growing movement of unions, community groups, worker centers, legal services, plaintiffs' attorneys and some public agencies working to make headway against the erosion of the minimum wage floor and right to overtime pay. 

This password-protected website will allow advocates to share ideas, model legal briefs, advocacy materials, and research in wage and hour law.

The Clearinghouse was developed in collaboration with experienced advocates working to combat wage theft through private litigation, policy advocacy and organizing, and will provide a central location for resources in these areas and foster communication among those working in the field.  NELP will also moderate a Clearinghouse listserv and notify members about important news and developments with e-newsletters. 

The site leverages a technology platform developed by Pro Bono Net, which is used to support broad-based networks of legal aid, civil rights and pro bono lawyers.

“As we enter into an economic downturn, companies are increasingly seeking more ways to cut costs, often on the backs of workers,” said Catherine Ruckelshaus, NELP's Litigation Director.  "Using Pro Bono Net's innovative platform, the Clearinghouse will be a powerful tool for increasing enforcement of wage and hour laws, fostering communication among advocates working in the field, and achieving workplace fairness for all workers.”

Worker advocates interested in signing up for membership in the Clearinghouse can visit www.just-pay.org and click on "Join the Clearinghouse."

About Pro Bono Net
Pro Bono Net (www.probono.net) is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing access to justice through innovative uses of technology and increased volunteer lawyer participation. Pro Bono Net's platforms have been adopted in 30 states and regions, reaching approximately two-thirds of the poverty population and lawyers in the United States.  For more information, please visit www.probono.net.

About NELP
The National Employment Law Project (NELP) has advocated for over 30 years on behalf of low-wage workers, the poor, the unemployed, and other groups that face significant barriers to employment and government systems of support. Several common themes connect NELP’s work: ensuring that employment laws cover all workers; supporting worker organizing and alliance-building among key constituent groups working with low-wage workers; helping workers stay connected to jobs and employment benefits; and expanding employment laws to meet the needs of workers and families in changing economic conditions.  For more information, please visit www.nelp.org

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