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Help Bring LawHelp to Rural Louisiana

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

  • Lisa Stansky
  • Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

JULY 2008 - JULY 2009


Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) has a unique rural outreach project for a CTC VISTA member. The VISTA member would work from one of SLLS' four offices in the greater New Orleans area.

The VISTA member will help increase the rural impact of, an online resource with free legal information for low-income people. SLLS, which administers Louisiana's LawHelp site, provides free legal services to low-income people across a 10-parish area of the state.

As part of the CTC VISTA Project, the VISTA member will establish partnerships in rural areas around Louisiana by demonstrating the LawHelp site to librarians and public interest advocates in community centers (including staff in senior community centers). The goal is to train these community contacts to demonstrate the LawHelp site to others who can benefit from the site's resources.

This full time, one-year position begins July 2008. The VISTA member must be available to start in July 2008 and to remain with the project through the project's closing date in July 2009.

We are looking for -

* A comfort level using the Internet and an interest in using the Internet as a vehicle for community outreach.
* The VISTA member must be willing to cultivate relationships with librarians and community advocates and demonstrate commitment to serving populations helped by SLLS and other legal aid providers, such as the homeless, elderly, disabled, and low-income groups.
* The VISTA member must have effective written and oral communication skills, organizational skills and the ability to work with minimal supervision while contacting outreach centers.
* SLLS prefers that its VISTA member be a college graduate.
* The VISTA will be assigned to work out of one of SLLS' four offices in the greater New Orleans metropolitan area; this is not a telecommuting position.

What the project involves -

* Developing contacts in rural areas of Louisiana, such as public libraries, homeless shelters, and senior community centers.
* Training librarians, other information specialists, and community advocates at these sites regarding the features of
* Drafting literature for outreach events.
* Training community contacts so that these people can demonstrate the LawHelp site to others.
* Demonstrating to residents at information sessions held at rural library branches and community centers, including senior community centers.
* Compiling a directory of the outreach contacts established and overview of what these contacts view as important resources to include on
* Developing and administering a usability survey aimed at librarians, senior community center staff, and community advocates who receive training to assess how to improve the site and its related outreach efforts.
* Developing and administering a survey for rural site users who participate in a demonstration of to learn how to improve the site's resources and how the site delivers information.
* Participating in member training and development events.
* Participating in Project Evaluation.

NOTE: There is a brief candidate selection time frame.

Candidates will be interviewed in phone or in person by SLLS in April 2008. Candidates will be selected by early May 2008 and must immediately complete required Americorps*VISTA applicant paperwork.

Those interested should e-mail a resume and a one to two page statement describing the candidate's interest in and qualifications for the position to Southeast Louisiana Legal Services by April 18, 2008. Send the statement of interest and resume to SLLS c/o Lisa Stansky at

For more information, contact SLLS c/o Lisa Stansky, Website Coordinator, New Orleans Legal Assistance (an office of Southeast Louisiana Legal Services) at or at 504-529-1000, ext 279. ( or

For more information about filing the CTC VISTA application as well as for information about benefits and requirements of CTC VISTA service, see

This position is through the CTC VISTA Project, a national network of VISTA members and nonprofit organizations that use media and technology to address issues of low-income and at-risk communities. Find out more about the CTC VISTA Project at


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