The Safe Escape Initiative-- Kickoff Free CLE training event

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In Jefferson Parish, a woman trying to escape a violent relationship with the help of a protective order has almost nowhere to go for legal services if she cannot afford a private attorney. The few legal services available in the parish are forced to turn away the vast majority of domestic violence victims who need help.

In response to this need, the Tulane Domestic Violence Clinic is working with The Metropolitan Center for Women and Children to start the Safe Escape Initiative, a network of pro bono attorneys who volunteer to represent one domestic violence victim in a protective order hearing in Jefferson Parish.

  • The first free CLE training will be December 15, 2010 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.
  • Lunch provided
  • 4 hours of CLE have been applied for, including one hour of ethics and one hour of professionalism.
  • The CLE training will be free, and in return attorneys will agree to accept one protective order case in 2011.
  • This training will provide attorneys with the knowledge required to represent a domestic violence victim in a protective order case, and educate attorneys about the special ethical and professional obligations that arise when working with victims of domestic violence.


  • Ethics and Professionalism: Meeting your Duties of Competence and Diligence: Special Responsibilities in Domestic Violence Cases
  • Part I: Professionalism
    Tania Tetlow
    In domestic violence cases, competent lawyering requires more than an understanding of relevant law. Lawyers lacking basic knowledge about the dynamics of domestic violence often fail to craft meaningful legal solutions for their clients. This session identifies and addresses the areas of specialized knowledge that should inform client interactions and case strategies in domestic violence litigation.
  • Part II: Ethics
    Becki Kondkar
    Competent lawyering in domestic violence cases requires that lawyers understand the interaction of substantive laws affecting the rights of victims. This section will examine those interactions and explore the practical implications of Rule 1.1 obligations in domestic violence litigation.
  • 12:00-1:00 (1 hour)
    Getting Started: Initiating Litigation for Your Client
    Becki Kondkar and Tania Tetlow
    Effective litigation begins with an effective client interview. Building off of the issues covered in the professionalism hour, this session will cover interviewing, petition drafting and case planning leading up to the day of trial.
  • 1:00-2:00 (1 hour)
    Trying the Case
    Becki Kondkar and Tania Tetlow
    This session will cover issues arising in the litigation of protective orders and focus on practical skills and case strategy in domestic violence litigation.

    To register for this CLE, contact Kati Bambrick at
  • CLE Credit Comments: 4 CLE credit hours have been applied for, including 1 ethics and 1 professionalism hour
  • Contact:
    Kati Bambrick
    Tulane Law School Domestic Violence Clinic