About the Clearinghouse

NELP's National Wage and Hour Clearinghouse was created to support and promote the efforts of community groups, worker centers, unions, legal services advocates, private plaintiffs' attorneys and others who are working to make headway against wage theft and the erosion of labor standards. It was developed in collaboration with many experienced advocates working to combat wage theft through private litigation, policy advocacy, and organizing in order to provide a central location for resources in these areas, and to foster communication among those working in the field. This National Wage and Hour Clearinghouse contains federal and state  litigation materials, public agency wage enforcement and model legislative reforms, research, data, and practice guides, and information on different sectors and types of workers.

We are grateful for all of the contributions from experienced advocates around the country. The Clearinghouse is, and will continue to be, a work in progress and a collaborative effort. We welcome further contributions of model materials, as well as suggestions for additional resources to include and innovative methods of resource-sharing. To contribute materials to the Clearinghouse, please click Add a Resource in the Clearinghouse Library (all materials will be sent to NELP for approval). Financial contributions are welcome as well, so that we can continue to offer free passwords to all. See "Support the Clearinghouse" on the homepage for more information.

A Note About Clearinghouse Membership

Full Clearinghouse membership is only available for individuals who advocate on behalf of workers, and do not represent employers in employment-related litigation. We understand that many attorneys may represent employers from time to time for a variety of reasons, and that this work may allow the attorney's firm to take cases on behalf of low-wage workers. We also recognize that important employee wage and hour advocacy is done by firms and sole practitioners who do not solely advocate on behalf of workers. However, to promote the greatest comfort level and security regarding the sharing of materials and strategy, the Clearinghouse will be restricted to advocates who solely represent employees in these matters.
We encourage those advocates who are not eligible for full Clearinghouse membership based on their practice to stay involved with the project by joining as a private attorney with limited access. These members will be listed in the Clearinghouse member roster and will have access to some of the Clearinghouse materials, but not the listserve. We sincerely hope that the roster will promote greater communication and sharing of ideas and best practices among all of the different advocates working on wage and hour issues, as well as allowing advocates to partner on cases and refer cases to one another.

NELP Clearinghouse Staff Contacts

Cathy Ruckelshaus, cruckelshaus@nelp.org
Ceilidh Gao, cgao@nelp.org
Najah Farley, nfarley@nelp.org