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Thank you for your interest in becoming an emeritus attorney with Iowa Legal Aid.  Your help in providing legal assistance to low-income Iowans will help improve the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors and assist the functioning of Iowa's court system.

In order to assist you in the application process, we have included information about becoming an emeritus attorney, the application process and expectations of an emeritus attorney associated with Iowa Legal Aid.

Any attorney who has been licensed to practice law in Iowa or any other state or territory can apply for emeritus status.  An attorney must associate with an "approved legal aid organization" in order to receive emeritus status.  Iowa Legal Aid is such an organization.

How does an attorney apply for emeritus status?

An attorney would:

How do I associate with an approved legal aid organization and obtain a certification that I am associated with the organization?

The rule requires that an emeritus attorney be associated with an approved legal aid organization such as Iowa Legal Aid and be under its general supervision. In order to obtain Iowa Legal Aid's certification, Iowa Legal Aid needs to determine that the legal work the attorney is interested in providing is consistent with the needs of Iowa Legal Aid's clients and with the available supervision. An attorney seeking emeritus status should send a letter indicating interest in becoming an emeritus attorney, provide information regarding time commitment, type of legal work preferred (for example, providing advice to clients, representing in court, drafting documents), and length of commitment. The letter should be sent to Dennis Groenenboom, whose address is at the end of this document.

The attorney would also need to complete a Volunteer Lawyers Project sign-up form, Upon review, Iowa Legal Aid would prepare a certification form for the attorney to attach to the application. 

What are the expectations of an emeritus attorney?

An emeritus attorney:

As an emeritus attorney practicing with Iowa Legal Aid, will I have malpractice coverage?

When you sign up for the Iowa Legal Aid Volunteer Lawyers Project, Iowa Legal Aid's malpractice coverage extends to cover any cases you take as a volunteer lawyer.  To join the Volunteer Lawyers Project, please fill out the signup form.

How can an emeritus attorney practicing with Iowa Legal Aid fulfill his/her continuing legal education (CLE) obligations?

Iowa Legal Aid conducts CLE events throughout the year which will be available for you to attend in order to fulfill the yearly CLE requirements.

If you have further questions please contact:

Dennis Groenenboom
Iowa Legal Aid 
1111 9th Street, Suite 230
Des Moines, Iowa  50314-2527

515-243-2980, ext. 1620


Christine M. Luzzie
Iowa Legal Aid
1700 S. 1st Avenue Suite 10
Iowa City, IA 52240

319-338-3369, ext. 1507 



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