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DISASTER RECOVERY: Is a Legal Problem Beneath the Surface?

Friday, October 10, 2008

  • Iowa Legal Aid

  • Did the flood impact your housing situation?
  • Has your landlord tried to take advantage of you as a result of the disaster?
  • Is your mortgage lender working with you to help you deal with the disaster-related hardships?
  • Did you have personal property damage due to the disaster?
  • Did you have any other expenses due to the disaster?
  • Do/did you have any type of insurance? If so, did you notify your insurance company in writing about your damages? Did you get any approvals or denials from your insurance company? Should you appeal?
  • Has the disaster impacted your job?
  • Did you apply for any type of government assistance? FEMA, SBA loan, Iowa Disaster Reimbursement Grant, Disaster Unemployment Assistance, Disaster Food Assistance? If so, did you get approvals or denials for any of these programs? Where are you at in the process? Should you appeal?
  • What did you do with any FEMA money you got? Did you get a letter from FEMA telling you how to use the money? Can you prove how you used the money from FEMA?

Iowa Legal Aid helps low-income and senior Iowans with "civil" or non-criminal problems. Many of the issues disaster victims face involve legal problems on which Iowa Legal Aid and other lawyers can provide assistance. If you have further questions and need legal help, call Iowa Legal Aid at 1-800-532-1275.

If you are NOT a low-income person or a senior, you can call the Iowa State Bar Association Disaster Legal Hotline at

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