Partnership in Pro Bono

Providing opportunities to serve.


• Licensed to practice law in Hawaii (including emeritus or inactive status),

• Seeking out opportunities to learn new skills and expand your practice areas,

• Interested in gaining courtroom experience,

• Looking for a way to stay active in the legal community while taking a break from full-time work or after retirement,

• In good standing with all bar associations with which you have been affiliated in the past 15 years...



Are any special qualifications required?

No, only pro bono guardians ad litem (GALs) are required by the judiciary to complete a one-day program.

How are cases assigned to volunteer attorneys?

You first tell us what you are interested in. Then, cases that are meritorious and appropriate for referral for full representation are matched to potential volunteers. You will always be given the option of taking or not taking a case.

What if I am not able to accept or continue a case that was referred to me?

If for any reason, you are not able to accept a case or to continue to represent a client once you have accepted a referral, Legal Aid will take the case back for reassignment subject to court rules.

Will I have to spend a lot of time on extraneous paperwork or reporting?

No, however, we will check in with you or the client every 30-60 days via phone or email. We will ask you to provide no more than three brief reports during the case.

What if I am not currently an active member of the Bar?

If you are a licensed attorney who is inactive, you may provide free civil legal services as a pro bono publicus attorney under Legal Aid provided that you have not been subject to disciplinary action within the past 15 years. You will retain your inactive status and be exempt from active fees, dues, and charges.