Having trouble logging in?

1.  Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, have your password emailed to you.

2. Not Yet Approved to the Site?

If you have the correct username (your email address)and password and are trying to log in for the first time, it may be that your application has not yet been approved by the host organization. Your application gets reviewed by staff at the organization(s) that host the individual practice areas, and it may take up to 24 hours (or longer on weekends) for you to receive an email letting you know your application has been reviewed.

Once you have been approved, you should receive an email letting you know your application has been approved and that your username and password are ready for use. If you have already received notification that your email and password are ready for use and you still cannot log in, please contact us at support@lawhelp.org.

3. Has Your Email Address Changed?

If you are trying to log in with a new email address but you signed up for the site with an old email address, you can still log in using your old email address and password, as long as you know your password.

Once you have logged in with the old email address, please take a moment to go to "My Profile" on the left hand side of any practice area in which you are a member and update your profile, including your email address and contact information.  This information will automatically update for all of your probono.net site memberships.

Still Having Problems?

Send us an email at support@probono.net