Interagency Pro Bono Working Group

Agency Contacts

The following points of contact are available to assist federal government attorneys at their agencies who have questions about volunteering. These points of contact DO NOT match attorneys directly with clients or provide legal advice to members of the public.

Interagency Pro Bono Working Group Representatives

Department of Agriculture
Kumar Jayasuriya
Department of Commerce
Josephine Arnold
Department of Defense
Office of the General Counsel, Personnel and Health Policy, 703-571-2663
Department of Education
Rob Wexler
Department of Energy
Kavita Vaidyanathan
Department of Health and Human Services
Lucy MacGabhann
Department of Homeland Security
Serafina Lobsenz
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Brandi Slye
Department of Justice
Laura Klein
Department of Interior
Roland Blackman
Genette Gaffney
Department of Labor
Marisa Schnaith
Department of State
Tegan Kahner
Department of Transportation
Christopher Jennison
Department of the Treasury
Jim Wang
Department of Veterans Affairs
Caren Lee
Alicia Harrington
Department of Veterans Affair Office of the Inspector General
Kate Feingold
Board of Veterans Appeals
Ashley Castillo
Joshua Castillo
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Mary Connelly
Dana Brown
Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
Christine Ladd
Corporation for National and Community Service
Blake Fetrow
Environmental Protection Agency
Adam Wilson
Export Import Bank of the United States
Nicole Wharton
Federal Communications Commission
Kathleen Fulp
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Richard Foley
Federal Election Commission
Jennifer Waldman
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Matthew Lane
Erike Steele
Amee Shah
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
John Katz
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Alicia Weber
Federal Maritime Commission
Laura Zuber
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
Michael Cole
Federal Reserve Board
Jodi Remer
Federal Trade Commission
Margaret Horn
Food and Drug Administration
Claudia Ahiabor
General Services Administration
Lauren Jacobs
Jessica Baker
Government Accountability Office
Bethany Benitez
Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Michael McVicker
Internal Revenue Service
Jennifer Auchterlonie
Merit Systems Protection Board
Jeremiah Cassidy
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Kathleen Spear
National Labor Relations Board
Megan Mullett
Chad Wallace
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Alison MacDonald
Casey Laxton
Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Office of Government Ethics
Kimberly Sikora-Panza
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Taria Barron
Postal Regulatory Commission
David Trissell
Ashley Demchak
Social Security Administration
Jennifer Stinnette
Amanda Schwartzkopf
Stephen Dmetruk
Securities and Exchange Commission
Karen Shimp
Small Business Administration
Catalina Martinez
Tennessee Valley Authority
Kendra Mansur
Transportation Security Administration
Tim Weston
United States Agency for International Development
Nichelle Johnson Billips
Rachel Cochran
United States Air Force
Office of the General Counsel –
United States Army
General Counsel’s Office –, 703-693-9254
JAG - Personnel, Plans and Training Office, 703-545-2447
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
Jacqueline Roman
Meghan Frederick
United States Coast Guard
Christopher Dunne
United States Customs and Border Protection
Angela Sardelli
Frislanda Goldfelder
Joey Hwang
United States Navy
JAG - Kathlene Somerville
General Counsel’s Office – Kimberly Fedinatz
United States Office of Special Counsel
Austin Bray
Rachel Davakis
United State Patent and Trademark Office
Jennifer Chicoski
Heidi Kelley
United States Postal Service
Sarah Sullivan
Rebecca Duttry
United States Secret Service
United States Trade Representative
Deborah Birnbaum