17th Annual NASAMS Sentencing Advocacy Training

  • 2/12/2010
  • NLADA Training

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A Capital Defense Training Program


With more than 75 sessions over three and a half days, Life in the Balance 2010 will provide an opportunity to learn from and work with the most successful and forward-thinking attorneys, mitigation specialists, investigators and experts from across the nation.

Below are just a sampling of the topics on which the faculty will offer expert guidance and instruction:

Mental health, including Atkins, the MMPI and competence and execution 
Plea agreements and how to get them from your client, the prosecutor, the victim's family and the courts
Race and culture and their implications for the defense team, the jury and the courts
ABA standards, ethics and constitutionally effective assistance

Science-real and fake-biological, crime scene and psychological
Juries: how to pick them, talk to them, and understand them

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NASAMS 17th Annual Sentencing Advocacy Training

"Giving Voice: Discovering & Telling the Client's Story"


The 17th Annual National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates & Mitigation Specialists (NASAMS) Sentencing Advocacy Training will focus on "Giving Voice: Discovering & Telling the Client's Story," exploring the techniques for and complexities of uncovering the stories of our client's lives, and the importance of storytelling and narrative to sentencing advocacy, penalty phase presentation and criminal defense.


The Death Penalty Mitigation Institute

This year's NASAMS Sentencing Advocacy Training will include the Death Penalty Mitigation Institute (DPMI). DPMI is a one-day program designed to provide a comprehensive overview for professionals who are new to capital casework & those who are in their first years of practice.



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