Challenging Immigration Enforcement through Motions to Suppress & Other Litigation

  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Pacific Time (US & Canada)
  • By: Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)
  • Online
  • Source: CALegalAdvocates (Decommissioned) >
  • Immigration

This webinar will examine the legal authority and limits of immigration enforcement in the context of local law enforcement cooperation with ICE through immigration detainers (also called ICE holds) and ICE's Fugitive Operations Teams. It will provide practitioners with tips on how to file and litigate a motion to suppress in immigration proceedings to challenge the legal violations that may have occurred. We will address other actions that practitioners may take outside of immigration court such as filing habeas corpus petitions. Finally, we'll cover litigation strategies to create leverage for obtaining a U Visa certification for "false imprisonment."