Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless New Volunteer Training

  • Homelessness

We hope you will attend our upcoming New Volunteer Training for attorneys and attorney/paralegal teams.

The core of the Legal Clinic's work is the representation of individual low- and no-income clients through a network of over 200 volunteer attorneys and legal assistants. Volunteers obtain clients at one of six intake sites run by WLCH at meal programs, health clinics, and day programs throughout the District. Volunteer attorneys conduct intake interviews and take responsibility for representation in cases requiring follow up. WLCH staff attorneys provide advice and guidance on all volunteer cases.

Attendance is required for all new volunteers. Attorneys must be authorized to practice law in the District of Columbia: attorneys must be a current member of the D.C. Bar or have begun the process for waiving in admission; attorneys employed by the Federal Government must be a member in good standing in the highest court of any state. Paralegals may volunteer only in partnership with and under the direct supervision of an attorney authorized to practice in D.C.

Lunch will be provided.

WLCH's volunteer application is attached. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Emily Uhar for more information.