Three Critical Tools: Impeachment, Refreshment, and Past Recollection Recorded (Webinar)

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The National Institute for Trial Advocacy will be holding a webinar entitled, Three Critical Tools: Impeachment, Refreshment, and Past Recollection Recorded, on January 28, 2014 from 1:00 pm -2:00 pm Eastern.

This one hour webinar designed for the trial practitioner, which spells out best practices in the use of impeachment with a prior inconsistent statement, refreshing recollection, and past recollection recorded. The webinar will demonstrate how to use each of these tools to best examine a witness. It includes a clear checklist/flowchart for each tool, and how to switch between tools when appropriate.

To Enroll: You must enroll for this webcast through the NITA website. Simply put the program in your shopping cart then follow the instructions to check out.

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    The intense, focused content and materials of one-hour NITA webcasts should be CLE-qualifiable, whether live, or pre-recorded, because a faculty member is always present to answer questions.

    Please register with your state individually for your participation. (States vary in computing credit; many give one credit for 60 minutes of actual participation.) If you need confirmation of attendance or materials other than what is available for downloading during the webinar, contact NITA.

    If your state does not permit self-registration, or you are faced with other issues in securing CLE by direct application, please contact NITA.

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