Police, Protests and Press Coverage

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Come hear an expert panel discuss a hypothetical real-life scenario involving these issues:

What are the limits of press coverage of a protest occurring on courthouse grounds? Or in the courthouse itself? Under what circumstances can a press photographer's camera and/or memory card be confiscated by law enforcement? What are the limits of press coverage or photography when a police officer gives a legitimate order to move? And more!

The panel will be moderated by Patrick Madden of WAMU and includes:

  • Chief Judge Royce Lamberth, US District Court for DC
  • Mary McCord, US Attorney's Office for DC
  • Arthur Spitzer, ACLU of the Nation's Capital
  • Mickey Osterreicher, National Press Photographers Association
  • Chief Cathy Lanier, DC Metropolitan Police Department
  • Fred D'Ambrosi, WUSA-TV

The program is free and open to the public.