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January/February 2014 LawHelp Interactive Newsletter

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

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January/February 2014 Newsletter

Quarterly Reports

Fourth quarter 2013 LHI statistics were released on January 31, 2014 and are available here.  In the last quarter of 2013, LHI delivered 195,993 interviews, 105,888 assemblies, and 7,479 emails. In addition, LHI has a content collection of nearly 3,000 active HotDocs Template and over 1,000 active A2J interviews. For the last quarter of the year, the states with the most assemblies include New York, California, Illinois, Texas, and Michigan. 

There were a total of 817,839 interviews and 456,272 assemblies in 2013 representing a 14% growth from 2012. In addition, the number of emailed documents grew 27% percent when compared with 2012 and there were approximately 1,500 LHI documents e-filed as part of the NY Courts e-filing pilot.

Monthly Code Releases

LHI completed its most recent code push at the end of January and it included work on the Minnesota e-filing project, administrative and server updates, and a few bug fixes. Our next code push is tentatively scheduled for March 1, 2014. We are targeting the following schedule of code releases for the remainder of the year: early April, mid-late June, mid-late August, and December 13, 2014.

HotDocs 11

Community QA will be opening soon! We’ve began the extensive process of testing and implementing HotDocs 11 to LHI including an internal review of the approximately 3,000 pieces of content currently on LHI. Among that content, fewer than 300 of these templates contain issues that are undetectable in HotDocs 10, but will create an issue in HotDocs 11. We’ve reached out to template developers who have created and maintain this content already. We’ve also identified and reported HotDocs 11 bugs to the HotDocs Corporation. A number of these bugs have been resolved in HotDocs 11.04, which will be available on community QA. For more information on the transition to HotDocs 11, pay attention to our messaging on the listservs and you can check out the February 25th monthly call and review the recording and materials from the January monthly LHI community call available here.

Trainings, Conferences, and Resources

We held a live training this January in Jacksonville, Florida directly preceding the LSC TIG conference. For the first time, we included a management track for new and experienced project managers interested in LHI forms project. The management track was well-attended and informative. Special thanks to Mike Grunenwald from the DC Bar Pro Bono Program and Kenneth Elliott from South Carolina Legal Services who were guest trainers and shared on their experiences with their respective online forms projects.  Stay tuned for an announcement about the fall training!

Claudia Johnson, Mirenda Watkins and other members of the Pro Bono Net team also attended the TIG conference and presented on a number of panels. They include a panel covering the evolution of LawHelp Interactive entitled “LHI--You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”, “LEP Dreaming of the Future,” and “Creating On-Ramps to Online Resources: User Centered Design for Self Help Environments.” Check out Xander Karsten’s write up on PBN at TIG here. Materials from the conference will be available on the TIG website.

Registration is open for the 2014 ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Conference taking place in Portland, Oregon May 1-3. Visit this site for conference details and to register.

February Monthly Call

please join us on 2/25 at 2 pm EST for information on the full widget rollout to the LHI community and to hear about the results of the LHI annual evaluation. In addition, we will be covering LHI community testing of HotDocs 11, using the Community QA server, and sharing the LHI technical timeline for 2014. We will also review the LSC TIG process for applications for projects in 2015. Register here.

Attention California Partners: LAAC is coming!

LHI was invited to present at the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) and the Legal Aid Association of California (LAAC) Family Law and Self-Help conference. This conference will take place on March 6- 7th in San Francisco and Claudia will be covering technology use in Court Self-Help Centers.  Here is the agenda. If you are planning on going, there will be multiple workshops related to LHI-powered forms. Please join us and introduce yourself, or let us know if you want to connect one-on-one to learn more about LHI by emailing Claudia at

Other News

LHI Annual Survey

We appreciate everyone who took the time to complete our annual survey and want to send congrats to our raffle winners! They include Vivian Hessel and Steve Rapp who won the drawing at the LSC TIG conference luncheon. Also winning were Wesley Adams, Sergio Alcubilla, and Wilneida Negron. We had over 60 responses from a diverse group of LHI users and partners.

The survey is now closed, but we still want to hear from you! If you have questions or ideas for upcoming trainings and other programming, please feel free to contact Claudia, or Mirenda at


Congratulations to Legal Aid of Hawai’i and their partners who released new and re-vamped LHI forms. Their forms cover divorce, public benefits, housing and other topics. These forms have been made available at newly-opened Court Self- Help Centers in a few jurisdictions. Check them out the forms here.

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