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LawHelp Interactive is now browser independent!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

  • Marc Lauritsen
  • Capstone Practice

In case you missed it, LawHelp Interactive, crossed a major milestone this past weekend -- it is now fully usable across a wide range of browsers.  (Until recently templates front-ended by native HotDocs interviews required Internet Explorer.)  This long-promised expansion has now been delivered.  Apart from some really old and obscure combinations, your OS and browser no longer stand in the way of accessing the full range of LHI content.

Templates front-ended by A2J interviews have always been browser independent, although they presently require Flash, which is another story.

Both A2J and HotDocs still require Windows for authoring purposes.  The next version of A2J Author will be cloud-based, and obviate this limitation.  Its outputs will also no longer require Flash to run.

So further expansions for both authors and users are in the cards.

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