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HotDocs Corporation Announces Shake-Up in Product Offering

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

HotDocs Corporation today announced that its product lineup has undergone significant changes, which will be implemented beginning with the summer 2010 release of the HotDocs 10 suite. The company's flagship product, HotDocs Professional, a text-based, document-automation toolset, has been renamed HotDocs Developer. PDF Advantage, a program that provides graphical-forms automation functionality to HotDocs Professional, will no longer be sold separately. Rather, PDF Advantage has become a feature set within the new HotDocs Developer. HotDocs Standard, a scaled-back automation tool for small enterprises, has been renamed HotDocs Developer LE (Limited Edition). And a new product has been added to the suite, HotDocs User, which is a desktop, template-deployment program designed specifically for enterprises not yet ready to make the jump to the server environment.

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