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Will County Courts Announce New Help for Unrepresented Litigants

Friday, October 30, 2009

On October 27, Chief Judge Gerald R. Kinney and Circuit Clerk Pamela J. McGuire announced the opening of the new Will County Legal Self-Help Center. The new center is internet-based and is accessible to anyone with a computer and internet access. For those people without a computer or who may need assistance in navigating the website, the public access computers for the center will be available at three locations within the court system. Terminals for connecting to the Will County Legal Self-Help Center will be available at the Law Library in the courthouse, at the River Valley Justice Center and in the Will County Arbitration Center. The Will County Legal Self-Help Center can be accessed online at

“We encourage everyone who comes to court to have an attorney if at all possible,” said Chief Judge Kinney. “The system works more efficiently when litigants are represented by knowledgeable lawyers who understand the court system. However, we know that today many people cannot afford to hire a lawyer and legal aid cannot provide legal representation to all of these people,” he said. “The legal self-help center provides legal information about the simpler, more common civil legal problems that many lower income people may have. If people take the time to use the information on the website to prepare for their court hearing, we think that their court hearing will be less intimidating and frustrating,” he said.


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