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Imagine if each of you recruited one additional lawyer to help safeguard individual rights and livelihoods.

Imagine the impact.

Please take a moment to spread the word about and plans for the National Pro Bono Celebration in October 2009.

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[[FromName]] thought you would be interested in joining, a dynamic online community of lawyers serving the public good. is a rapidly growing online service for volunteer lawyers that provides postings of new cases needing volunteers, upcoming CLE events, moderated listservs, and libraries of training materials, resources, and model documents in more than a dozen substantive legal areas, including asylum, criminal appeals, community development and nonprofit law, death penalty, disability rights, family law and domestic violence, housing and prisoners’ rights.

Started in New York in 1999, is now empowering more than 20,000 lawyers across the country to get involved, and make a difference.

To learn more about our virtual network of lawyers who help to broaden access to justice, please visit us online at