Continuing Legal Education Programs

CLE programs are a traditional way for pro bono programs to recruit new lawyers, retain current volunteers. educate lawyers in areas of law in which the program's clients need representation and provide skills training for particular types of cases.

Past National Celebrations of Pro Bono featured many ideas for how to effectively use CLE to support various pro bono program objectives. Examples include:


Event Title: Free Expungement Clinic

Sponsoring Organization: W. Harold Flowers Law Society

Location: Pine Bluff, AR

Contact Information: Donnay Ramsey;

Event Title: Advocates’ Perspectives on Access to Justice

Sponsoring Organizations: Belmont Chapter of the American Constitution Society

Location: Nashville, TN

Contact Information: Tim Willis;

Event Title: Working with Clients and Caregivers Dealing with Dementa - CLE

Sponsoring Organizations: Memphis Area Legal Services

Location: Memphis, TN

Contact Information: Linda Warren-Seely;



Event Title: Pro Bono Naturalization Law Training For Attorneys and Law Students

Sponsoring Organization: Public Law Center

Location: Irvine, CA

Contact Information: Grace Landa;

Event TitleRepresenting a Domestic Violence Victim in a 50B/Domestic Violence Protective Order Hearing

Sponsoring Organizations: Legal Aid of North Carolina

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Contact Information: Juli Blair;