A Workshop in Legal Storytelling and Narrative Construction for Capital Post-Conviction Counsel

  • By: Habeas Assistance and Training
  • Cornell Law School
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  • Seminar
  • Death Penalty

This unique and innovative program was designed by Professor Anthony G. Amsterdam, together with HAT counsel, to improve habeas advocacy by teaching participants techniques that can be used in persuasive oral and written advocacy, including the effective use of narrative tools such as the “elements” of story, theme choice, plot, setting, perspective, and sequence. This will be accomplished in a non-traditional manner by bringing together capital post-conviction attorneys, professional non-fiction and fiction writers, and legal as well as literary academics working together in developing and conveying to participants persuasive advocacy techniques in a combined lecture, group brainstorming session and small group discussion formats.

            The conference is open to Federal Defenders in Federal Defender Organizations with CHUs, and Assistant Federal Defenders and Research and Writing Specialists working in those CHUs, CJA Panel Attorneys, as well as a limited number of attorneys in state capital direct appeal and post-conviction offices.  Because of the nature of the program and its necessarily more “hands on” approach, attendance has been limited to 35 participants.

  • Contact:
    Chastain Smith
    Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO)